About Us

The Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club (PCMRC) is the Lower Mainland’s mini-road racing community. The PCMRC has been in continuous existence since 1990, promoting racing at several venues around the Fraser Valley. The club was first created at a time when Yamaha was offering street legal 50cc and 80cc motorcycles that could be modified for racing purposes. These events are still ongoing in Europe (especially in the U.K., Spain and Italy), Japan and all over North America. The club has expanded from these beginnings and now offers several classes utilizing different motorcycles.

The club promotes on-pavement use of small motorcycles (up to 250cc) for fun and entertainment. See our “Rules” page for more information regarding eligible vehicles, and the classes they can race in. Club members range from those with limited experience to those with significant on and off-road racing experience. Club member’s ages average in the early 30s, with individual members currently ranging in age from 6 to 70.

The typical race season runs from March to September and we race rain or shine. The PCMRC will hold multiple local races during this time, plus as a club we will attend as many regional race weekends as possible (a club favourite is the Quesnel National, held at Cariboo Raceway). On average there are 6 – 8 points races each season. We also arrange Test & Tune sessions at the Greg Moore Kart facilities in Chilliwack throughout the year for a nominal drop in fee.

The PCMRC mini-road racing is exactly like big bike racing. The racing lines, acceleration and braking is all to scale of a full size road courses but without the top speed. Racing a bike of these sizes lets you go out have a great day of road-racing without the fear of being seriously injured. There are points for each race, and trophies will be awarded at the end of the year. It does not take a new bike or a lot of money to be competitive in our club. It is one of the cheapest forms of racing in the Lower Mainland. Our club is really out to have a good time and a little bit of friendly competition. Come on out and race!

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