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How do I join and what are the costs?

If you are interested in joining or watching the PCMRC in action, you can either Contact Us: or show up at one of our scheduled race events. Race dates are posted as they become available.

2016 Membership Costs (Held over from 2015)

1. Annual required memberships:

PCMRC – $60*

An agreement was made a few years ago between the WMRC and PCMRC that a WMRC member will get a complimentary PCMRC membership and vice-versa a PCMRC member will get $60 off of a WMRC membership.
The reciprocating rule:
PCMRC honors AMRA,PSRA and SMRA licenses (note: must be a paid $60 member for voting privileges.)
Example: When a PCMRC member attends an AMRA event, they do not buy a license and vice-versa. Note: Honouring club must have at least one scheduled event during current year to qualify for this reciprocating agreement.

The following pricing is for total race day entry fee(no limit on number of classes entered).

16 years and older – $80
Kids 6-9  FREE
10-15 years old – $80 or FREE with parents $80 entry (1 kid/adult)
Romantic rate -$120 per couple
Family rate -$160 maximum

$$ 2017 SPECIAL $$
Purchase an entire year race entry fees for $400 (regular 8 X $80 = $640)
This is non-refundable.

* One day event membership $20
After 3 ($20) event memberships are purchased, PCMRC membership is granted.
This is for Riders who are attending less than 3 Racedays in a year.

Insurance The PCMRC is fully insured against both first and third party liability by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance.

It is up to each individual participant to have adequate medical coverage.

Please download our updated race form here and bring it with you to the track to register for events.