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Greg Moore Raceway

Welcome to North America’s premier kart racing track. The track has been designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Commission Internationale de Karting – FIA (CIK – FIA), the world’s motorsport governing body.

The CARTBC layout is a twelve corner asphalt surface measuring 1,224 meters (4,015 feet) in length in its championship configuration, and is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Chilliwack is situated in the heart of the Upper Fraser Valley approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) due east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Drive ability of the track is considered highly technical with a variety of open high-speed sections and very technical turns. Each corner is uniquely angled, radiused and cambered, both positive and negative. The rider must concentrate throughout the expected 50 plus seconds per lap.

Greg Moore Raceway: Facility layout

Greg Moore Raceway: facility layout
Greg Moore Raceway: Race layout

Greg Moore Raceway - GP Circuit